Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The race is so NOT on....

I have never had a need for speed. I am quite content just putting along and taking things slow and cautiously. Boy, was I in for a ride!

We hop on our brother-in-law's snow machines and start on the trail....hanging on for dear life. One minute goes by......made it! Two minutes goes by.....plop, bump, poof! I take a much UNANTICIPATED dive off the end and into the powder! I shake it off, trying to act cool and acting like it was no big deal, while inside I am screaming like a little girl. I don't want to get back on...but my lazy butt is not going to hike through 4 feet of snow back to the truck...keep in mind we had only been on the trail for 2 minutes (so we had maybe gone a couple miles)....but these machines can go 0 to 60 in about 20 seconds or so...and Conrad was trying to PROVE his racing skills to Frosty the Snowman or something.

Okay, I can do this...put your big girl pants on! Hop back on....and off we go. Another minute goes by.....made it! Two more minutes go by and our snow machine decides to sink its bottom end in the plush powder...this is so not as fun as it looks! Five minutes into the fun afternoon ride and I have been thrown off and now we are stuck.

After a very rough start, it was actually fun. We rode into a cabin, went inside and had lunch. FUN!

We even managed to pull in front of the pack a bit with enough time to snatch a kiss or two!

Thanks, Nick, for helping us stay young!


Kristy E.B. said...

Mandie, you should be an author. You make me laugh with your descriptions of things. You explain things so well.

Sherry Saville said...

BBRRR... looks pretty cold compared to my mild Texas weather. We have been riding our new bikes Santa gave--everyone spends their winters different, eh?

Michelle said...

I would NEVER get on the back of Spencer's sled. I am pretty sure that it wouldn't haul our fat butts in the first place but he loves to make me freak out. I don't trust the man.

Good for you for getting back on!!!

Shae said...

I gues it's a good thing that YOU had the helmet! :)


How fun! Andy will be so jealous. I'm impressed you got back on after being dumped twice. It looks like you guys had fun though.