Thursday, May 29, 2008

Outwitted by a 3 year old!

Most of the time, we need a vacation from our vacation. I still have not got back in the "groove" we call everyday life (in other words...I am feeling very LAZY). It doesn't help that Maycie is just getting over a nasty fever, cough, and cold...and now Jaxon's got it worse than Maycie had it. So, enough rambling and on with the story. Yesterday, Maycie walks up to me and says she is hungry. I look at the's 5:30 pm and I haven't thought about dinner. YIKES! I have no ambition and no desire to make anything. PAUSE: let's stop my story right here. One of the staples of Maycie's life is chocolate milk. There is no such thing as "white" milk at our is chocolate...or no milk at all! I often wonder if she mistakes hunger pains and thirst because she is always asking for chocolate milk and rarely tells me she is hungry. Okay, let's move on....I cautiously ask her what she wants for dinner, terrified of her answer. She replies, "chocolate milk". Con and I have started a new thing where she has to eat her meal first. If she has a few bites, she can have a drink of water. If she eats half of it, she can have juice. And if she eats most of it, she can have chocolate milk. My reply to her wanting chocolate milk for dinner was, "Only if you eat your dinner all gone. Now, Maycie, what do you want for dinner." She thought for a moment, then looked at me and said, "Cocoa Krispies". Yippy! Your lazy mom can handle that one. Eat up girlie! Well, most of you are probably thinking to yourselves how stupid I must be. Cocoa Krispies turns into chocolate milk!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top Ten: The BEST and WORST of Bear Lake

1. BEST: Our family owns a cabin on the East side of the lake (beach front even...FUN!).
WORST: We still slept in a tent on the lawn outside.
2. BEST: We seen lots of family.
WORST: There were grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, moms, dads, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. all trying to play games, visit, watch movies (all going on at the same time), etc., in a 1200 sq. ft. cabin with 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 bath....CROWDED and SQUISHY!
3. BEST: There was lots of food and goodies!
WORST: There was TOO much food and goodies.
4. BEST: We were able to do a lot of other things while down in that area.
WORST: We drove a lot. (Drove straight to Logan, spent the night. Drove to Bear Lake, then to Soda and spent the night. Drove to Pocatello for baby Kenadee's blessing, then back to Soda, then back to Bear Lake, spent the night. Drove back to Soda, spent the night, then back to Boise...exhausting!..and expensive...3.89 gallon x 27 miles per gallon = EXPENSIVE!)
5. BEST: Maycie got to play with all her cousins from both sides of the family.
WORST: She picked up a few habits and learned things she didn't know (and I liked it that way).
6. WORST: We didn't sleep much and my kids got WAY off their schedule.
BEST: My kids went to bed at 7 p.m. last night, woke up at 9 am. Plus, they took a 3+ hour nap today!
7. BEST: Maycie got to play in the water...Brrrr! We walked down to the water for something to do. Maycie wanted to put her feet always starts with the feet. Then we look over and she has her pants off. A few minutes later, she screams because she tripped, fell face down, and well....went swimming!
WORST: She is now sick with a fever and cough! Stupid parents...they should get written up for that! Well, they are actually paying for it twice because Jax is now getting sick as well.
8. BEST: One night, all four of us slept together while cuddling...or rather lied together on the same mattress in the same sleeping bag, listening to the rain and dodging the drips from hitting our heads! Maycie started out in the cabin and Jax started out in a play pen next to our bed in the tent. Con and I started out snuggling...then as the night went on...children came between.
WORST: We have all officially defrosted!
9. BEST: We made lots of memories...hence...Memorial Day weekend.
WORST: Some of those memories we wish weren't memories!
10. BEST: Con had a 5 day weekend, with 2 paid days off and 1 holiday pay.
WORST: There is nothing BAD about that!

WORST: I took zero pictures at Bear Lake over the weekend.
BEST: I have nothing to remember those unwanted memories!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is there anyone out there?

I often wonder if anyone reads this, or if I just post things for my own amusement and therapy. So, if you read this, leave me a comment and let me know what you are doing for the Memorial weekend. I hope you have something exciting planned. If you don't have anything planned, think of something. Don't just sit is too short!

P.S. We are going to Bear Lake to freeze our behinds. Why would the weather cooperate when we have a vacation planned? Should be fun though!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tagged by Amber

All about me -- Alphabetically!
A. ATTACHED OR SINGLE? happily attached
B. BEST FRIEND? my hunk'a'burnin' love!
C. CAKE OR PIE? both..why not!
D. DAY OF CHOICE? ya wanna know why...but, it's a secret!
E. ESSENTIAL ITEMS? underwear, bra, shirt, pants, get the point!
F. FAVORITE COLORS? Melon, black (they CLAIM it is slenderizing)
H. HOMETOWN? the land of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE...not quite...but close enough!
I. INDULGENCE? bubble bath in the's fun...try it alone...or with company is fun too=)
J. JANUARY OR JULY? to ski and love to swim/sun bathe
K. KIDS? Maycie 3, Jaxon 1, Conrad 25
M. MARRIAGE DATE? November 7, 2003
N. NUMBER OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS? 2 sisters, one younger, one older and 1 brother, deceased
P. PHOBIAS OR FEARS? Spiders, getting in a car wreck, children getting severely hurt or sick
Q. QUOTE: Hakuna Matata!
T. TAG 5 PEOPLE: Audrie, Chelsie, Ginger, Hillery, Sarah, Becka...whoops that's 6, can't count!
U. UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I hate wearing Winter stinks!
V. VEGETABLES? Can I have seconds?
W. WORST HABIT? picking my split ends (Con HATES it)
Y. YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? anything I didn't cook!
Z. ZODIAC SIGN? ashamed to admit I don't know, and too lazy to look it up before I post this

That's a first...

To all my faithful readers...if there are any...our insurance company came through and ended up paying for my teeth cleaning. Remember, they sent us a letter saying they declined to pay because I was a few days before my six month mark, and they only pay for two cleanings a year (every six the day!) Well, we filed a claim. And, they accepted it. YEAH! I was really actually quite shocked. I almost had the check written out because insurance companies are stubborn and back stabbing and will do anything and everything to get out of paying for what they claim they will cover. Thanks United Healthcare!

Monday, May 19, 2008

HOT weather = water park!

Maycie begs (literally) everyday to go swimming. The girl is the perfect example of a "fish". It has been too cold and we keep telling her "when it gets warmer outside". Well, Spring came, and every time we would go outside she would say, "mom it's warm, let's go swimming!" Because she loves swimming so much, we decided to splurge and buy season passes to Roaring Springs Water Park (thanks Hansen's!). This last weekend was SUPER HOT, so we finally took her swimming on opening day. To say she loved it would far underestimate the experience. I think it will be money well spent. Jaxon, on the other hand, HATED it. Con and I have claw marks on our shoulders from him trying to cling to us every time we would walk in the water. Poor kid...get used to it boy...'cause we'll be there a lot this Summer (I'm such a mean mom, huh!).

Friday, May 16, 2008

Watch out Maycie...

...Jaxon can almost keep up! You know what they say, "Pay backs are the #%@%#@%@#!" The teasing is about to go EXTREME!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our family band

If you remember, Conrad gave ME guitar hero for our Wii for Mother's Day. Well, anytime we play it, Maycie goes and gets her "guitar" and rocks out with us! Jaxon claps and bounces. I think we will put in for America's Got Talent!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Whatever it takes

Maycie pulled a box of cereal (it isn't dog food) out of the cupboard and didn't take care of you can see. Jaxon, of course, found the box and went to town. When I had finally noticed what was going on, my first reaction was to run over there and clean it up. And then, I thought, "why not just let him play until he is done. It is keeping him occupied, he is getting fed, and he is having fun. GREAT!" I knew I was going to have to vacuum anyway, so I was an AWESOME mom and let him have his few moments of pure pleasure with the cocoa puffs!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Is this for me...or you!?

I forgot to mention what I got for Mother's Day. Besides my wonderful husband making me dinner, he also bought me an outfit (he claimed it was for Maycie). He has been wanting Guitar Hero, so he bought it FOR ME...rather for him...for Mother's Day (he claimed it was from Jaxon). Now, the gift from him. Are you ready ladies? He bought me a gift card from....drumroll please....Old Navy...nope...American Eagle...nope...Bath and Body works...nope...Victoria Secrets...YEP! Oh Sweetie, it's Mother's Day...not Valentine's Day! jk No, he is really not that selfish. He knows I love their bras. Expensive, yes. Worth it, every penny! After having two kids...I need a lot of help and support...and Victoria Secrets is my ticket!

My mother's day dinner...that I didn't have to make!

For Mother's Day this year we decided not to "eat out". Instead, Conrad wanted to make me dinner. Oh, how sweet! (and cheaper too). Well, that is what I thought anyway. We went to the store and it ended up being quite expensive. All well. He made Salmon Walnut Salad. It was a Salmon fillet on a bed of lettuce with caramelized walnuts and homemade croutons. We used Raspberry vinigarette dressing. It was absolutely mouth watering! Thanks babe, you rock!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008


Somebody stole my snuggle buddy! I guess mom gets the couch during the movie!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You can't be serious....

We had our last FHE lesson on pioneers. We talked about how there were "bad" people who made Joseph Smith and his friends of the church leave their home. We also talked about pioneers. I made this game, "pin the nose on the Pioneer". Well, as you can see, it was taken really serious!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Recipe Swap

I am attending a recipe swap tonight. The theme is "camping". I made up these 4x6 recipe cards and had them printed off at Costco. The recipe is from my sister Chelsie and her husband. I love it. It is quick, easy, and feeds a lot. Try it...I dare you! You won't be disappointed.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Pay it forward

On Friday night Con shows up to work and a lady that he works with says, "I cleaned out my garage and was taking a load to the Goodwill and was wondering if your daughter would like this?" Are you kidding! 1. She is obsessed with Disney Princess 2. We don't have to buy one and 3. It looks brand new. Con offered her money but she refused to take it. She said "Your daughter is way too cute and I wanted to give it to her." Well, she got that one right! Maycie thought it was pretty neat and loved sitting on it in the living room. Once we took her outside, different story. She only rode while we were pushing her. Her brain hasn't quite got the "pedal to make it go" motion yet. It is good to know there are still thoughtful people in the world.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sky High!

Nothing much has happened in our lives lately (or nothing I have payed attention enough to post). So, I thought I would post something that happened a few months ago on our Thanksgiving trip home. My dad is an electrical contractor and owns his own business with his 2 other brothers. They currently have a job in Burley, ID working on a powdered milk plant. It is two hours from home for them. So, they bought a small plane to help compensate some of their time. We were able to go for a ride. We flew over the Preston area where I grew up. It was fun to see my childhood memories from above.

My cousin Colby is the pilot. I was really nervous to go up with him because he is quite a bit younger than myself and it was really weird to think of him as being old enough and responsible enough to fly a plane. If I was gonna die, I was gonna die. It might as well be in a plane crash...quick and easy!
Maycie was really excited to go until we actually were in the plane. She didn't end up going.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A walk in the park

Con had a church meeting on Sunday night so I took the kids to Kathryn Albertson's park to get some Spring candids of them. I have been waiting until things "greened" up. Since Con had a meeting and it was a beautiful day, I thought I would take them by myself. MISTAKE! Maycie found a stick that was twice her size. She kept hitting Jaxon with it. So, here is the scene...Maycie is running flying her stick everywhere, Jaxon is screaming in the stroller, and I am trying to chase Maycie while trying to maintain my composure enough to snap some pictures. The others at the park got free entertainment! Hope it was comical to those watching because I was beyond frustrated! All well, they look cute and innocent in the pictures.