Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't "squish" the gush!

Funny story (it is now...but not at the time). I was babysitting for my cousin Michelle and her daughter, Madyson, was giving me hugs...she missed her mom...who was in Hawaii! Anyways, she looked at me and says, "You're SQUISHY"! She left me totally speechless. How do you reply to that? The only thing that could come out of my mouth was, "Ssshhh, it's our secret!" I was hoping it was just the way I viewed myself...WRONG. I hate any type of confrontation...even if it is with an innocent 4 year old.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mother of all messes!

So, I am at the computer checking email, blogging, looking for coupons, etc. when Maycie comes and tells me "Mommy come here. Jaxon made a mess". I walk into our living room and it is COVERED with playing cards. We have a cupboard that has 6-7 deck of cards, Skip Bo, Phase get the idea. They were all scattered around the room. I don't think this was a job Jaxon could have done on his own. I was so furious that I just started picking up the cards. Afterwards, I realized I should have snapped a picture. Anyways, I bet you feel sorry for me, right?! I mean isn't it enough that my kids are fed, bathed, and have semi-clean clothes on everyday. Well, if you do feel sorry for me, maybe you should reconsider. Maybe I don't pay ENOUGH attention to my children that they have to create ways to get it. Who in this case do you think the victim is?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easton Photo Shoot

Hide and Seek

Maycie's new favorite thing to do is play hide and seek. She is constantly looking for places to hide. If she can't find one, she creates one. Most of the time when she creates one, she makes a complete tornado of a mess. Urgh! And then, she wants you to come find her. If you find her, she freaks out and doesn't want you to find her. She just wants you to spend countless minutes "pretending" that you are trying. Sometimes it gets really annoying. I wish sometimes, as a mom, I could play hide and seek with my kids. You know the kind where you hide and they come find you...or try to come find you. I know I could hide where they would never find me. Some days, that sounds really fun!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We've been tagged...our first!

1- Loves watching Disney movies
2-Loves baths, hates getting hair washed, and then she loves playing in the bath when the water is all gone...FREEZING!
3-Diet mainly consists of: pop-tart's, chicken nuggets, Easy Mac, strawberries, goldfish, chips and cheese with salsa, green beans (weirdo), and CHOCOLATE MILK!
4-Potty trained-she finds it real thrilling to tell "mommy, big poopy".
5-Favorite vacation spot-GRANDMA's...duh!
6-Has a favorite toy of the day that she will not part without (different every day)
7-Hates wh
en try to help her. She is "miss independent".
8-Any time we are at a store and she sees something she wants she says, "maybe ask Santa".
9-BIG time daddy's girl!
10-Tickle spot-under the gets her every time!

1-Used to like baths, until Maycie kept crawling over him and he tumbled below the water a few times. Now
we wet, wash, and out!
2-Loves puppies and starts shaking with excitement anytime we get close to one.
3-Loves giving kisses (you know the wet, slobbery, open-mouth...can't live without them)
4-Diet mainly consists of: anything mom will feed me but, loves Easy mac, applesauce, pears, snak-pak pudding, and his favorite Cheeto puffs.
5-Can crawl and now climbs up furniture. Doesn't walk along it yet...CHICKEN!
6-Tickle spot-anywhere really...he gets that from his dad!
7-Starting to say a few words, most of which mom can only understand: mumma, dada, cici (Maycie), bath, bubba (bottle).
8-Hates a dirty bottom; rashes quickly
9-Has officially become known as the "shadow"...follows us around, end up tripping over him

Tag your it: Bernhardt Bunch

Friday, March 7, 2008

The reason behind it...

I just figured out how to put music onto our blog. I am new to this whole thing so it has taken me a little bit. I just wanted to clarify the reason I put "45 by Shinedown". Conrad is learning to play the guitar. He has played that tune over, and over, and over, and over, and get the idea. Well, the tune has become a family favorite. So forget that it talks about staring down the barrell of a .45 gun and picture Conrad playing his guitar!

A date for us...NO WAY!

Conrad arranged a babysitter and took me night skiing at Bogus Basin. Awe, how SWEET! I don't know what was more fun, skiing or being able to enjoy each others company without someone...(aka Maycie)...interrupting our conversations.

Oh sure! The only picture he gets of me is right after I ATE it!

Conrad has officially divorced me and skiing and switched to snowboarding. TRAITOR!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

One of THOSE days...

I was having one of those know the ones where you are so pre-occupied in what you're doing that you are (in a sense) oblivious to what your children are doing. I was so busy getting some stuff done on the computer and thinking to myself...and then it dawned on me...I am able to think to myself! What happen to all the noise (children aren't quiet). Okay, so I get the bad mom award for the day! But, if you are thinking that has never happened to are a LIAR! jk

Monday, March 3, 2008

Little Builder

Every other Saturday at Lowe's, they furnish a free kids craft. Conrad took Maycie and she absolutely LOVED it! At this particular one, they made a squirrel/bird feeder. Lowe's provides each child with an apron and safety goggles. She wore them ALL day long.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I finally did it!

Everybody has been telling me I need to start a here we are.

Let's update everyone...Conrad is attending Boise State and will graduate in December with a bachelor's in Accounting. Next Fall he will start job hunting. If nothing pans out, he may open his tax office.

I am staying at home and loving it. I am falling in LOVE with photography. Conrad just purchased me a new lap top so that will be nice when viewing/editing pictures. I also love digital scrapbooking and am learning to crochet (I know can you believe it)!

Maycie is 2 1/2. She is potty trained and no longer sucks her thumb. Good girl! She is very "spongy" right now and picks up on everything, which is good because she keeps her dad and I in check (we have to be careful what we say, watch, and listen to).

Jaxon will be turning 1 in three weeks. WOW! I can't believe how fast the year went. He has learned to crawl and loves chasing/following us around the apartment. did I do for my first post ever? jk